Monday, November 2, 2015


So here we are. A new month, a new blog.

I don't know how I survived this afternoon, but somehow I pulled through.

From almost accidentally deleting my YouTube channel to figuring out how to create a new blog on an existing account, it's been a journey to say the least. Thank you to those of you who have followed me over from Twitter, Weebly, YouTube, and Goodreads. A blog is a necessary entity when you are a book reviewer and having to start a new blog is a daunting process.

As you can see now, I don't have any reviews on this blog. I will slowly have to import them all into this blog from the old one.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, folks!

Love, Shannon

((Also, sorry if you bloglovin' and blogger feeds get slammed with old reviews I will be pulling over from my old site. It's a hard bullet to bite, but it's gotta be done))

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